Taking into account the importance and value of information for the attraction of potential buyers and partners, we suggest you also use our possibilities for this purpose. MNAU already has experience in such events, which can become a launching pad for further development and finding new directions for the business.
We can provide space for the event (including cropland, advertising space, modern rooms for the final conference), the target audience (farmers, would-be entrepreneurs, representatives of regional and local authorities, students, etc.), scientific and information support.
1320 hectares of arable land make up 16 experimental fields with variable land composition and terrain features. It allows us to recreate any conditions that may occur within our climatic region.
Scientists from our faculties of agronomy and biotechnology can conduct research and accurately gather scientific data, providing you with the necessary information for your R&D and marketing departments. We can perform the soil analysis, weather and climatic conditions analysis, plant analysis, phytosanitary analysis, and productivity analysis.
Basically, we offer you a way to outsource some of your research and development tasks while increasing the depth and the scope of the research by using our research facilities.