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The development of international activities at the university is aimed at improving the quality of educational training of students, as well as the ranking of the university in Ukraine and abroad. The development of the university’s international activities is in line with the principles set out in the Bologna Declaration, which calls “… To promote the mobility and effective exercise of students’ freedom of movement, paying particular attention to their access to educational institutions, educational services and the recognition of research conducted abroad”, as well as with the goals and objectives of higher education in Ukraine, in particular its integration into the world educational space.

Teaching staff

Participation of the university in grant programs

European Union project ERASMUS-JMO-2022-MODULE “Building a European Model of Agricultural Land Use in Terms of the Sustainable Development”. (active link)

The implementation period is 01.10.2022-01.10.2025.

Acronym and project number – 101084428 BELUS.

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