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Students´ Practice Abroad


Last update: 08.12.2011 at 16:19

News about students practice abroad

The main part of educational process is practical (professional) training for students – one of the most important forms of professional training of the future specialists in different agro-industrial fields. The purpose of practical training is the accumulation of knowledge, extension and widening of skills obtained by the students in the educational process, forming professional skills system according to specialty profile, student training for self-dependent work.

The students of Mykolayiv National Agrarian UniversityThe main objectives of practical training are:
• providing the comprehensive training of students for the main stages of their professional activity;
• consistent widening of abilities and skills;
• inseparable connection between practical and theoretical training.

Students of the University have the opportunity to participate in internships through FEFU, HOPS, Work & Travel, Camp America, Landbrugspraktikant program , etc. (the list of countries and programs are constantly updated).

Federation of French-Ukrainian exchanges (FEFU CPCU). (Training, further education in France, supporting of francophone). Students working as interns in enterprises and banks of France, after which they receive employment in the Ukrainian branch offices of the enterprises.

The students of Mykolayiv National Agrarian UniversityTraining in Denmark – students working as trainees on the farms of Denmark to get experience in particular areas of agriculture.

Work & Travel USA, Camp America. The students have opportunities to work on probation abroad in hotels, restaurants, recreational zones and summer camps of the USA for the purpose of acquiring and applying knowledge and skills in the new international economic conditions of the world labor market.

Practice abroad is a necessary and important step for any student, young or mature. An experienced farmer, when provided the opportunity to work with new standards on modern world equipment, has an advantage that will help to ensure proper development of their own farm in Ukraine.

Kyrylo Martynenko,
Head of Center of Student Practice Abroad.

Co-ordinator of Student Practical Training Programs in US, UK, Denmark and other countries.


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